Pedicure Chair - Dorset Lounge Style | with Plumbing

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This product is made to order, please allow 6-8 weeks to ship out
  • Pedicure Chair - Dorset Lounge Style | with Plumbing
  • Compact Dorset Pedicure Sa Chair with heat and vibration by Belava
  • Dorset Pedi Spa by Belava
  • Dorset with arm pillows by Belava
  • Dorset Chair includes Performer Nail Tech Stool by Belava
  • Dorset Trio Foot Heater Massager with drain by Belava
  • Pedicure Spa Chair Dorset
  • Elegant Salon Setting with Dorset Chair by Belava
  • Plumbed Pedicure Chair with Disposable Liners by Belava
  • Extendable nozzle for water faucet by Belava
  • hose connection for Dorset with Plumbing by Belava
  • Hot and Cold Knob for water temperature by Belava
  • Remote for heat & vibration for seat cushion by Belava
  • Dorset Chair with complete Elora Nail Salon Furniture by Belava
  • Arm Rest Pillows by Belava
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The Picture Perfect Pedicure Spa Chair Dorset with Plumbing has a crisp linen look combined with custom finished wood for that elegant salon ambiance. A look that shows pedicure chairs do not have to be huge, bulky, or impossible to climb in. 

Features: Belava Trio Foot Spa in a drawer. Drainage pipe & electrical pump for easy water evacuation with temperature knob for cold and hot water. Includes Performer Nail Tech Stool with a back support.

  • Chair footrest can be adjusted up & down to customer's needs
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Designed and handcrafted by Belava in USA

!Plumbing - We do not provide hoses or plumbing installation.  

You connect the chair to the water line and the drain line, in most cases located (in US) on the wall – similar to connecting a washing machine. All our pipes have external access at the back of the chair base – 3 lines – hot, cold water and drain line. 

To drain used water from the tub, the technician must activate the drain pump first, tilt the pedicure tub into the Trio Foot Spa drainage to help water escape. The Trio is permanently connected to the drain underneath of where it sits (the main chair drain connected to the hoses).

The chair base has height-adjustable gliders to help regulate the water drainage. Raise the gliders if the water flow is slow. It is important to have the chair no further than 4 feet from the wall with water and drain lines, preferably should be at the same level.

Hoses for cold & hot wateruse stainless steel only - Water goes down the drainage system that is installed in the chair and out the hoses from the back of the chair base. We do not provide hoses or plumbing installation. Use Stainless Steel Braided Hoses same as washing machine with the 1/2'' diameter hose and 3/4'' fitting at the end of the hose. Here is a link as a source sample, no recommendation - Click here to view hose sample .

Hose Tube for drain – we recommend to use hose tube 5/8’’ inside diameter but no smaller than ½’’ minimum





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this product is made to order, please allow 6-8 weeks to ship out
Ships fully assembled on a pallet by Truck, LTL Ground
$480/chair includes LTL Ground to Curbside Delivery with Lift-Gate & Delivery Appointment. NO Inside Delivery and No Upper Floor Delivery. For Residential Delivery there is an additional $50 fee
1 year manufacturer warranty
300 lbs. (can be reinforced to accommodate higher weight; please contact us 888.708.7131 or
Designed and handcrafted by Belava in USA
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