Subscription Policy

Belava LLC (doing business as “Belava”, or “we,” “our,” or “us”) is very happy to offer its customers a product subscription program.

This Subscription Agreement is entered into between the Customer and Belava. The following Terms and Conditions apply when you decide to enroll in any subscription program with Belava:


In order to participate in a Belava subscription program for disposable liners, it’s required to have a valid email address, valid billing/shipping address, active Belava online account, and valid credit and/or debit card.

Subscriptions are only available for orders placed and shipping within the Contiguous USA. It excludes Alaska and Hawaii. 


Upon successfully placing your first subscription order, Belava reserves the right to automatically place and ship that same order to you every 30/60/90 days (depending on the timeframe chosen), until you cancel or change your subscription.

In the case that you choose to change the frequency or product(s) associated with your subscription, Belava will then adjust the frequency/product(s) accordingly and automatically continue to process the same order as instructed by the customer.


When you place your first subscription order, the payment method used for your initial transaction will be used for all future charges until your subscription is cancelled or modified.

All subsequent orders after your initial subscription order will be charged on the same day that the initial order was processed. From this point, they will be sent to our warehouse for processing and shipment.

The only acceptable forms of payment for Belava subscriptions will be valid credit or debit cards. Checks, PayPal, store credit, coupons, gift certificates, and other forms of payment will not be accepted towards your subscription orders.

In the case that your payment method is declined upon placing your subscription order, the order won’t be processed and you will receive a notification of this failed payment attempt. From this point, you will need to update your payment information and ensure it is correct. Once payment is received, your subscription order will be placed and processed.

When you place your subscription order, you will be charged the current price of the product on that date. Belava product prices are subject to a number of factors and therefore, may change from time to time.


Once your subscription order has been placed, processed, and shipped, you will then receive a confirmation email from us. For any following subscription orders, there will not be any emails sent prior to the subscription order being processed.


The final price of your subscription orders have the potential to vary slightly due to possible fluctuations in numerous factors, such as shipping costs, product price changes and/or updates, and/or tax fees. Every subscription order total will include, (if applicable):

  1. Costs for shipping & handling
  2. Sales tax (if applicable)


Once you place your initial subscription order, subsequent orders will be processed and shipped on that same day each month, as part of a 30/60/90 day period (depending on the timeframe chosen).

You may contact Belava at any time to change the frequency of your subscription orders or you can log in to your Belava online account and make the changes.

Please note that in the case that your usual shipping date falls on a date that the next month does not contain (such as the 31st), your subscription order will be processed on the following business day. The same also applies if your shipping date ever falls on a Sunday or a holiday, wherein the same process will be followed on the next business day.


Please note that product prices depend on a number of variables and are subject to change at any time. These changes will be reflected in your next subscription shipment and depend upon the product(s) you select.

If you do not request any changes, subscription orders will always be for the product(s) chosen during your initial order.


It’s possible that you might find yourself with an excess of your selected product(s) at some point throughout your subscription program. If this happens, it is possible to place your subscription order on a temporary. This can be done by logging into your Belava online account and manage your subscription or you can contact Belava via email at or by calling us at 888.708.7131 during business hours and requesting a “subscription pause.”

Please include your name, the email address tied to your account, and the requested product(s) you would like to temporarily pause, and for how long you would like to do so.

When you confirm the amount of time you would like to pause your subscription for, it will be confirmed, and once the requested time has passed, your subscription will automatically pick up again without any action needed from you.

Once your subscription pause end date has passed, your new subscription renewal and billing date will reset and begin again on the following day (the postponement ending date), and not the date of your first initial order. This means that pausing your subscription orders will automatically alter the next shipment and billing date, unless you make additional changes to your subscription.


Belava reserves the right to make alterations and updates to the subscription program at any time, or as needed. This may be required periodically in order to keep our subscription program aligned with updates in our products, prices, practices, and other unforeseen circumstances. In the case that there is a modification made to our subscription program, these Terms and Conditions will be updated with a new version and dated accordingly.


As part of Belava’s subscription program, you may cancel your subscription at any time by login in to your active online account or by contacting us via email us or by calling us at 888.708.7131 during business hours.

In the case that there are no outstanding orders on your subscription account, your cancellation will become effective immediately upon being processed and confirmed by Belava.


If you need assistance with your subscription program or have questions regarding the Terms and Conditions, please feel free to contact us via email at or by calling us at 888.708.7131.