Spa Industry Survival Guide

Spa Industry Survival Guide

Posted by Natalie Zolotnik on 08 02 19

Creating and upholding the ultimate customer service experience requires thoroughness no matter how long you have worked in the salon and spa industry. It can be challenging for professionals to deliver the same high-quality service time after time to clients who become regulars, and once regulars, friends. (Trust us, we know!) Consider these survival guide dos and don’ts as you build your pedicure business. You’ll be surprised how little tweaks in your attitude or service regime can make a lasting difference in client retention and satisfaction.

Do: Recommend products and services that help your guests look and feel their best. To one-up competitors, find out what they offer, then incorporate similar but superior services and retail items in your business.

Don’t: Shy away from selling retail items. A lot of salon professionals feel like they are being pushy, especially when they are just starting out. Remember, if you are recommending products that clients truly need, you are helping them. In the salon world, selling is the same as passing your professional knowledge along to clients. Salons can make a respectable profit from retail purchases, and if clients don’t buy from you, they will from someone else!

Do: Offer rewards for customer loyalty and friend referrals, such as discounts on a new service, gift card or free retail item. This kind of bonus ensures loyalty and expands your customer base, while introducing some of your retail products. We recommend doing this around the holidays when people are cashing in services they received as gifts.

Don’t: Neglect the maintenance of your pedicure chairs. Maintenance will help maximize your return on investment while ensuring proper functionality and sanitation. Neglect can also void a manufacturer’s warranty. Take care of the metal, wood, clean the pedicure tubs, foot bath, foot massager and upholstery. Maintenance communicates professionalism to customers and will also improve your finances, as you won’t have to replace equipment as often.

Do: Make sure your manicure and pedicure area are clean and disinfected. Clients notice! Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and your state board regulations for cleaning and disinfecting your spas, table and implements.

Don’t: Be hasty. Take your time and ask questions. Consider if your manufacturer builds its spas or only assembles and boxes them up for sale? Are the parts cheap imports or made in the United States? Manufacturers should be friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help you get the spa that suits your décor and budget. Ask a Belava customer service representatives how our Belava No Plumbing Chairs can work for your business.

Do: Purchase the best pedicure spa you can afford. Research the manufacturer’s warranty, their customer service, experience and reputation in the industry. Ask the manufacturer to help you select the perfect spa for your needs, once you decide what features are important to your business. Also ask them to recommend a distributor who will be helpful before, during and after the sale.