Single-Use Disposable Liners for Pedicure

Single-Use Disposable Liners for Pedicure

11 08 23

At Belava, we understand how crucial it is to keep nail salons clean and hygienic. A tub that has not been sufficiently cleansed and/or ignored altogether is a key problem in the industry.By using a pre-fitted disposable liner for pedicure tubs, professionals reduce the chances of spreading pathogens associated with giving pedicures.

Here are the key advantages:

1. Liners act as a barrier between pedicure tub and the client’s feet which prevents the spread of pathogens.

2. Liners are intended for single-use and are to be thrown away after each customer.Because each liner has never been in use, they ensure that every customer begins their pedicure soaking process with a completely uncontaminated pedicure tub.

3. Using liners does away with the need for scrubbing and cleaning pedicure tubs after every customer.Traditional cleaning methods leave room for error if technicians do not properly sanitize their tubs after every customer.It is also hard to keep track of how well instruments have actually been sanitized.Sanitation records eventually become subject to the technician’s discretion and can undermine salon hygiene standards.

4. Using liners allows customers to avoid skin irritations and allergies caused by chemicals that technicians use in order to sanitize their tubs between clients.

5. Using liners protects nail technicians from long term exposure to the chemicals that are used to sanitize their pedicure tubs.Also, many chemicals used to sanitize pedicure equipment accelerate the deterioration of the equipment.

6. Using liners is more eco-friendly than traditional methods of sanitation.Traditional methods dump large amounts of chemical into our sewer systems and therefore oceans.Also, our liners are recyclable (Category 3).

7. Liners save at least 10 minutes of sanitation time between clients.This allows technicians to perform more services per day and thereby increase their overall income

8. The pedicure liners are tabbed and pre-fit to tubs for a(n) easy/clean insertion and removal.

9. The use of disposable liners instills confidence in the minds of consumers; especially when they witness a fresh liner being inserted before their eyes.This brings added value to nail technicians, salons, and the industry as a whole.

Overall, disposable liners offer a convenient and hygienic solution for foot baths during pedicure services, benefiting both you as a nail technician and your customers.

Smart, Safe, Sanitary.

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Review from Belava’s contest submissions sent by USA nail technicians

"Personally I believe life would just be much easier and less expensive in the long run if I could just throw out the liner!"

Emily Johnson

"It cut sanitation time to 1 min allowing me to book more clients in a day."

Madison Smith

"The disposable liners make sanitation easy and the client can see the new clean liner where they probably didn't see you sanitize a whirlpool tub. And the time the disposable liners save not to mention the chemicals and water saved."

Olivia Davis

"After I began using the liners I realized that it no longer took twenty minutes in between each pedicure disinfecting the footbath; and, to me that meant about 90.00 per day. I also discovered that for just pennies per service I had not only made my job easier, but I could earn more money! We are talking hefty raise here!"

Sophia Martinez

"I love the fact that I can show my clients how safe and sanitary the pedi process can be by placing a clean liner in the tub right before their eyes!"

Isabella Rodriguez

"When my clients saw the system I was using they thanked me. Because of my sanitation practices clients recommend me to others. The Beleva system also allows me to do more services in less time. Thank you Beleva for making my job easier."

Ava Hernandez

"Belava products gives customers the confidence in me as a Nail Technician that I care about sanitation and their health. Most of my clients come back because they know that I use Belava disposable pedicure liners and that I ensure their safety."

Charlotte Gonzalez

“Low maintenance & worry free”

Mia Anderson