New Pedicure Chair - Luna

New Pedicure Chair - Luna

07 11 23

Belava™ is proud to present a new product, the Luna Pedicure Chair, designed to revolutionize the nail care experience for both nail technicians and clients.

One of the standout features of the Luna Chair is its raised platform, specifically crafted to provide an ideal ergonomic position for nail technicians. By promoting proper posture and reducing the risk of fatigue or discomfort, the Luna Chair enables technicians to focus on delivering exceptional nail care without compromising their own well-being.

For clients, the Luna Pedicure Chair offers unparalleled comfort and accessibility. With an elevated step, it ensures easy and comfortable access to the seating area. Moreover, the chair's 160-degree rotation capability allows clients to effortlessly position themselves, enhancing their overall relaxation during the treatment. The generous and wide seat of the Luna Chair caters to individuals of all sizes, guaranteeing ultimate comfort for every client. Even those with a larger build can now indulge in a first-class pedicure experience without any compromise on comfort.

The Luna Chair comes equipped with the Trio Foot Spa, an innovative system that combines heat and vibration for an indulgent foot-soaking experience. With disposable liners for clients' protection, hygiene is prioritized without compromising on luxury.

To further personalize the experience, the Luna Chair features an adjustable footrest. Clients can easily find their perfect position to maximize comfort during the pedicure treatment. Nail technicians can also customize the footrest height according to their preferences, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for both parties.

For added convenience, the Luna Pedicure Chair can be combined with an add-on nail tech stool in matching upholstery color and with a cabinet tower, providing ample storage space for nail polish bottles, tools, and towels, keeping the workstation organized and efficient. Additionally, salon owners can opt for LED lighting for steps and the bowl, enabling nail technicians to create a more luxurious ambiance and enhance the chair's aesthetics.

The Luna Pedicure Chair offers both plumbing and non-plumbing options, providing flexibility for salon owners to choose the setup that best suits their needs and preferences. Available in two color options.

Handcrafted by Belava™, U.S. manufacturer of professional salon and spa equipment. For more information visit