Pipe Free Spa Chairs | No-Plumbing

Pipe Free Spa Chairs | No-Plumbing

Pedicure Chairs No-Plumbing by Belava

Our exceptional pipeless pedicure chairs give you the opportunity to set nail services anywhere. Never worry about the water line location of your pedicure stations again! We have an amazing selection of pipeless pedicure chairs in a range of styles and designs with smart features such as, heating and massaging capabilities. You can easily find the right one for your salon’s specific needs. Without plumbing restraints or affixed pedicure bowls, our various seating options can be set up for multiple services according to your salon’s needs. You can arrange our plumbing-free pedicure chairs to accommodate salon growth, new or additional service areas, and relocation. We offer furniture and equipment that helps salon professionals create comfortable and relaxed environments that deliver the optimal client experience. Discover the best pedicure chairs without plumbing below!

  • #1 Nails Reader's Choice Awards by Belava No-Plumbing Embrace in Black with Standard Stool

    Pedicure Chair - Embrace | No-Plumbing

    This item does not include any accessories in the pictures, unless stated otherwise in the product description The Embrace is the sanitary solution for high end salons looking to offer luxurious spa pedicure sessions but are unwilling to yield in their...