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  • Elevate No-Plumbing Pedicure chair by Belava
  • Elevate high-end Pedi Spa by Belava
  • Elevate Pedi Spa by Belava
  • Elevate your customer in Belava Pedi Spas
  • Add-on step for Elevate pedi spa by Belava
  • Add-on cabinet for Elevate spa by Belava
  • Drawer for Elevate Spa by Belava
  • Storage space for Elevate Chair by Belava
  • Elevate Built-in heat & vibration cushion by Belava
  • Modular Pedicure Station Elevate by Belava
  • Lightweight Pedicure Bowls by Belava
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This item does not include any accessories in the pictures, unless stated otherwise in the product description

The Elegant Pedicure Spa - No-Plumbing Version for Hygienic Pedicure! The chair elevates your client by an electrically operated actuator at a slow speed (to ensure client's comfort), swivels for easy access, and is operated by remote control at the pump of nail tech. The high-back cushion has built-in heat and vibration

Shown in a bronze color with 3 compartment module add-ons and matching ergonomic Performer Stool. The Elevate chair comes on an elevating platform with a single sidestep, an adjustable footrest, Trio Foot Spa with heat and vibration, and pedicure tub insert + 50 fitted disposable liners. There are a variety of custom color upholstery options available to at your request with no extra charge.

Shipped fully assembled, with complimentary Performer Nail Tech Stool in matching upholstery color, pedicure tub and 50 disposable liners for hygienic feet soaking

Made to order, please allow 8-10 weeks to ship out. Please refer to Belava’s Terms of Use for detailed order and shipping policies

Specs and shipping cost:
Dimensions: 52 1/4" H x 40" W x 52" L | 300 lbs.| $420 shipping fees to business locations, ground floor| +$50 residential delivery, upper floors and limited access (each)
-Chair elevates with slow motion function -up to 9" above starting position and slides back and forth at the control of nail technician.
  • Chair footrest can be adjusted up & down to customer's needs
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Designed and handcrafted by Belava in USA



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this product is made to order, please allow 10 weeks to ship out
52 1/4" H x 40" W x 52" L
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