Manicure Liners

Manicure Liners

Disposable liners for Belava Salon Bowls allow for sanitary manicures or facials. The single use disposable liner prevents transmission of fungus, bacterial infections or viruses between clients. The liner also eliminates time & water waste needed otherwise for sanitizing manicure bowl after each client. Belava's disposable manicure liners fit snugly into our Salon Bowl or Manicure Metal Stand to ensure that your clients have no fear of unsanitary manicure spa sessions. Simply toss away single-use liner after each service and be ready for the next customer in no time!

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    Nail Salon Disposable Liners by Belava Disposable Liners for Hygienic Manicure or Facial (100/pack)

    Disposable Liners for Hygienic Manicure or Facial (100/pack)

    This item does not include any accessories in the pictures, unless stated otherwise in the product description 100 Disposable Liners for Belava Salon Bowl or Metal Stand The single-use liners guarantees a sanitary environment for a variety of...