Glitter Pedicure Bowl - Gold

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The Gold Glitter Pedicure Bowl comes with a Black Pedicure Tub and 20 disposable liners. The bowl is generously sized but still lightweight, making it ideal for mobile pedicure services.

Pedicure Tub makes soaking simple and disposable liners provide a protective barrier between your clients' feet and the bowl, ensuring a clean and sanitary session. Moreover, liners simplify the cleanup process after each use, saving you time and effort.

The Gold Glitter Bowl will reflect your personality or work with your existing salon color scheme. Pair it with the Belava Free-Standing Foot Rest for an even more comfortable pedicure experience on the go.

  • Safe & sanitary
  • Easy to carry tub insert
  • Lightweight & mobile

Note: Glitter Pedicure Bowl has no heat or vibration functions

*This item does not include any accessories in the pictures, unless stated otherwise in the product description

 US Patent D774,203


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Additional Information

    Ships within 5-7 business days
    17" OD x 7" H
    14'' x 16'' x 4.5'' (W x L x H)
    Approx 2 gallons
  • SIZE:
    Fits feet up to man's size 13 comfortably
    1 year manufacturer warranty
  • MADE:
    Designed and handcrafted by Belava in USA
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