Free-Standing Foot Rests

Free-Standing Foot Rests

Belava's Free-Standing Foot Rest is made to be comfortable, portable, and functional anywhere. No need to keep your client's feet on your lap. Use it with any foot bath, pedicure bowl, tub, or foot massager. Adjust padding to a desired height from 14" to 22" and step on the footrest's legs for stability, then you are set for a pedicure session in the best comfortable position. Adjustable height, in black metal. Foam padded for comfort. Ideal for mobile services

  • Single Mobile Foot Rest in Black by belava Single Mobile Foot Rest in Black by belava

    Tripod Style Pedicure Foot Rest

    Pedicure "tripod" style foot rest in black. Ideal for mobile pedicures, with adjustable height and rotating pad with multiple positions to facilitate the technician's work and to ensure comfort for both technician and client.  Features: -...
  • Free-standing foot rests in black by Belava Height adjustable foot rest in black metal | foam padded for comfort

    Free-Standing Foot Rest - In Black

    This item does not include any accessories in the pictures, unless stated otherwise in the product description Free-standing height-adjustable foot rest in black metal and black upholstery. They are foam padded for comfort, ideal for mobile services,...