FootRests for Pedicure Spa

FootRests for Pedicure Spa

Pedicure Footrests

Our pedicure footrests are an indispensable tool for nail salons. Belava’s high-quality footrests help enhance client comfort and allow technicians easy access to feet during service. Our various styles and designs provide the opportunity to select the right footrest for your salon’s specific need. We make salon footrests in two versions: the free-standing footrest to use with the pedicure tubs or bowls and the second version with mounting brackets for custom built pedicure benches and booths. Let us help furnish your business with the supplies and equipment you need to create the ultimate salon experience. Check out our collection of pedicure footrests below!

  • Free-standing foot rest in black Height adjustable foot rest in black metal | foam padded for comfort

    Free-Standing Foot Rest - In Black

    This item does not include any accessories in the pictures, unless stated otherwise in the product description Free-standing height-adjustable foot rest in black metal and black upholstery. They are foam padded for comfort, ideal for mobile services,...