Eyelash Chair for Multi Services

Eyelash Chair for Multi Services

Face Flex Chair is electrically operated and is reclining into facial bed for numerous beauty treatments - eyelash extensions, brow microblading, facial massages, manicure, pedicure and many more. It is perfect for day spas, medical spas or salons offering facial beauty treatments. The chair is equipped with accessory trays on each side, with retractable arm rests for easy access. Two small wheels at the back of the chair allow you to roll the chair from place to place.

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    Face Flex Chair compact for eyelashes and eyebrow waxing Compact chair for studio reclines with adjustable foot rest by Belava

    Face Flex Multi Service Chair in Black

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    All-in-one multi service spa chair, low positioned, sturdy and compact, is fully reclining into facial bed for multiple spa services. Because of its compactness, easy care and durability, Face Flex Chair is ideal for variety of treatment...